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Check out our new patient specials!

New specials for cash patients:

Simple Extractions $129 (regularly $181)
Surgical Extractions $199 (regularly $289)


New patient cleaning special: $139 includes exam, Xrays, healthy mouth cleaning.

Nothing boosts your confidence like a terrific smile. Professional whitening systems provide the ultimate in whitening results, quickly removing years of discoloration with quality controlled materials. Come on in for our new patient cleaning special!


New patient Emergency exam: $59 includes exam and Xray. 

Dental Emergencies happen pop up. Some of the most common problems include toothaches, broken teeth, cracked teeth, or a tooth that is knocked out. Take advantage of our new patient Emergency exam for only $59.


FREE Orthodontic Consultation

Wanting a straighter smile, but not excited about the thought of metal brackets? Come in and find out the easiest route to a stunning smile.


FREE Dental Implant Consultation

If you’ve lost a tooth, or think you might need an implant, consult with us first! We can walk you through the efficient steps to a restored smile.


FREE Second Opinion Consult*

At Mesquite Family Dentistry we truly care about the people in the communities we serve.  We understand a second opinion would be helpful at times.  That is why we offer complimentary second opinion consultations.

It’s easy.  Simply schedule an appointment to meet with one of our dentists to review the dental issue you are experiencing,  and they’ll provide you their opinion on the treatment options which they feel are best, along with pricing.


*To receive your free consultation, an existing x-ray from your first opinion dentist is required